photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

Villa de la Cabin

yesterday we visited JP in his magnificent seaside mansion. what a place.

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Portrait of Cork artist Angela Fulcher.

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what goes down, must go up what goes down, must go up some point - and going up St. Patrick's Hill ain't easy. Luckily, we have our mobile phones to kill some time while we rest.

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The Cook

I caught the cook of "Seaway Invincible" in the act of preparing breakfast for his crew in the very early morning hours. we see him through a porthole from the wharf in Port of Cork.
what is a Safety Standby Vessel exactly, by the way?

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Vegas Vegas

I realised that we have Vegas for about 9 months now and there is no mention about him on the blog. about time to change it. he will not be staying with us for much longer though, soon he will commence his guide dog duties. we try not to think about this moment.
this two pictures were taken exactly two months ago, at some lake in Kerry, just after Vegas learned how to swim properly. on the second photo we can see him doing his best to impersonate Nessie.

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pouring the iron

I will flatter myself a bit: if Caravaggio attended the R2, the iron pouring workshop by National Sculpture Factory in Cork, maybe, just maybe, he would have painted something a bit like that?
Portreyed are: Rian Kerrane and Ruth Lyons.

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gathering on the river

"Meitheal na hAbhann: A Collective Gathering on the River" was the name of this amazing, somehow tribal performance by Matt Toole. it incorporated molten iron, live music in form of drum kit and mix-of-various-odd-instruments kit, and a sunset. the setting of Kennedys Quay, which is basically in the middle of docklands, could not have been better.

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Bogdan in Cork Bogdan in Cork

Bogdan the ship is no longer in Cork. It got patched up here and sailed on its way.

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flight surfing flight surfing

another storm was mounting last Saturday and this lone kite surfer was making the best of it by the Garrylucas beach in Garretstown. it is difficult to judge, but I think he was easily reaching the heights of 10 metres above the water. had I somehow happened to be in his place and lifted like that, I would undoubtedly soil my wetsuit. him instead, he was just flying there composedly over the ocean.

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