photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

# 333!


# 333!

the amount of photos on venividi have reached a very round number today - it's a three hundred thirty-third entry since the beginning!
many thanks to everybody who happens to take a look here sometimes and i'm especially grateful to those who took their time to comment.

name: rusty, 26-04-2010 21:36

lovely tulips! keep them grow!

name: rusty, 26-04-2010 22:01

looking forward to #666 ;]

name: Martin, 27-04-2010 8:26

Aha, the man behind the camera appears.

name: hoi, 27-04-2010 17:07


name: g, 27-04-2010 23:02

holy moly!!!

name: Concerned Visitor, 28-04-2010 2:17

So brave!

name: Astonished bypasser, 28-04-2010 7:48

Not simply brave. Very brave! I've never seen anyone standing so close to the shafflick of tulips, except maybe for few extremely brave Dutch people. Congratulations to each and every of 200 handsome centimeters of the talented author photographer.

name: zulu, 28-04-2010 13:11

krawat fajny:)

name: AnFearbui, 30-04-2010 13:09

congrats, always interesting photographs

name: ¿ʇı pɐǝɹ noʎ uɐɔ, 30-04-2010 20:26

I like the left tulip, it nicely fills up the composition. Anyway, 333 comments on 333rd entry!

name: jedrzej, 30-04-2010 21:25

or 33, at least!
thanks, everybody :)

name: Martin, 01-05-2010 22:25

And please do not forget:
After 333 comes.... Yes...334.
Good luck with them all Jedrzej.
("to keep blogging is to stay alive")

name: Agata, 07-05-2010 11:32

oo, pan Jot wychodzi zza kadru :)

name: mm, 07-05-2010 22:38

linda foto. adorei

name: chomil, 10-05-2010 20:19


name: Mark, 18-07-2010 15:44

I love this blog. Favourite photoblog around by a long shot.

name: jedrzej, 18-07-2010 16:50

Thank you very much, Mark!

name: rita, 13-08-2010 21:39

hey! i recognize those tulips.

name: jedrzej, 14-08-2010 17:13

Rita :)


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