photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

Cappagh Beach


Cappagh Beach Cappagh Beach

We camped there some time in March - there are just over one million incredibly beautiful beaches on the west coast of Ireland and this is one of them. The bright light on the bottom of the second image - courtesy of the bonfire.

name: komentator z zagranicy, 22-05-2016 9:43

to bardzo dobre zdjęcia, w bardzo miłych okolicznościach przyrody...

name: jedrzej, 22-05-2016 11:24

Dzieki - a fakt, przyroda stanela na wysokosci zadania tego wieczoru!

name: Eoin McCarthy , 23-05-2016 10:52

Have your website in my Rss feed reader for some time now. Lovely photos.

name: jedrzej, 24-05-2016 14:09

Thank you Eoin - where do you row?

name: rdzak, 16-07-2016 22:31



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