photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland




kids playing along the walls of the cathedral in Ortigia, the historical centre of the city of Siracusa, Sicily. the cathedral has been built within the walls of a Greek temple and its doric columns are still clearly visible.

name: Martin, 03-12-2012 15:53

The church did have a habit of taking over handy buildings and making cathedrals of them- they did it a bit with Moorish Mosques in Spain but I didn't realise they were at it in Sicily too.

name: jedrzej, 03-12-2012 18:43

I'm a fan of this tradition!Have they torn down the Greek temple and built a cathedral instead we would have just another of thousands churches right now, even if beautiful. In that way we got a unique masterpiece, those columns sunk in the walls (along with doric capitals!) look just stunning. One could argue of course, that the church shouldn't have touched the temple in the first place...


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