photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

The Cook


The Cook

I caught the cook of "Seaway Invincible" in the act of preparing breakfast for his crew in the very early morning hours. we see him through a porthole from the wharf in Port of Cork.
what is a Safety Standby Vessel exactly, by the way?

name: Frank B Smith, 07-07-2014 22:29

" Safety Standby Vessels (SSBV)

Safety Standby Vessels are used to “protect” offshore installations from wandering vessels, also they are used as a safety vessel in case of emergency for quick evacuation." from (bottom of page)

name: jedrzej, 08-07-2014 1:18

I actually found that very site myself, still, that's not an overly specific description. what does the ship of this kind do most of the time, remains on standby? where, who owns it, what are its tasks exactly and last but not least, what was for breakfast?

name: Martin, 08-07-2014 7:17

Did a breakfast live once on TV3 from a Naval Corvette, think it was called Aoife, and while I was doing my stuff the normal breakfast was cooking so I can answer that question! Guess what, it was the Full Irish :- Rashers, Sausages, Puddings, fried eggs, all the healthy stuff to help keep up the strength of those who need to be ready for a quick evacuation.

name: jedrzej, 08-07-2014 19:16

Sounds a tad cruel on the Navymen Martin, what with all the crew watching (and smelling) you cook all the fancy stuff for the telly and then being served their usual breakfast :)


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