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Vegas Vegas

I realised that we have Vegas for about 9 months now and there is no mention about him on the blog. about time to change it. he will not be staying with us for much longer though, soon he will commence his guide dog duties. we try not to think about this moment.
this two pictures were taken exactly two months ago, at some lake in Kerry, just after Vegas learned how to swim properly. on the second photo we can see him doing his best to impersonate Nessie.

name: woman of no importance, 15-06-2014 17:15

he's so cute :)

name: Jeremy, 24-06-2014 18:52

If I were a dog, I would be exactly like Vegas, except for I hate water

name: Krzeczrzeszowszczyzna, 29-06-2014 21:33

On behalf of the Author I'd like to apologise for this obvious mistake - Vegas is impersonating a seal, not Nessie! Having said that, I'd like to take this opportunity to agree with the Author who's definitely not going to agree with me.

name: jedrzej, 30-06-2014 14:54

While being a famously agreeable person, I'm choosing to not agree with you on that matter at all.

name: mr.mro, 02-07-2014 14:31

Lets make it clear guys - Vegas is a seal impersonating a cute dog.

name: siostra, 06-07-2014 19:14

Vegas is the best ;)

name: apricot, 13-10-2014 1:11

He looks very clever´╝Ü)


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