photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

a Christmas gondolier


a Christmas gondolier

a Venetian gondolier in a Christmas hat - this is a photo from Christmas Eve three years ago.
tomorrow i fly to Poland, to spend Christmas with family for the first time in four years (and how many times can you use a word 'Christmas' in such a short note? Christmas Christmas.)

name: Joanna, 17-12-2009 13:43

Fajne ujęcie :) Wesołych!

name: hoi, 17-12-2009 16:13

Very cool colors here!

name:, 17-12-2009 23:22

Happy Christmas Jedrzej- and this time some pictures of Poland please.
Just some snow would be good.

name: mr brown, 18-12-2009 0:08

...perhaps some snow from Brussels

name: gracjan, 18-12-2009 15:30

mine is quicker :)

name: Jana, 19-12-2009 10:50

beautiful shot Jedrzej! love dramatic light, subtle colours and the way gondolier is gonna disappear in the next moment...and no more drama:)). enjoy your Christmas in Poland! there's probably loads of snow there's snowing heavily and beautifuly in Zagreb :). funny to think this photo was shot at this time of year :).

name: jedrzej, 19-12-2009 15:25

thanks, everybody. hey Jana! :)
i'm finally in Poland, but it took a bit of time - i got an unexpected full day in Brussels as a Christmas gift from the airline. all due to heavy snowing.

name: bawgaj, 20-12-2009 22:01

nice composition !

name: beanow, 23-12-2009 13:07

kompozycja, nastrój, kolorki - całość miodzio!
Wesołych Świąt!!!


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