photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

a mini composition, Cork


a mini composition, Cork

looking at the multi-storey car park next to Cork City Council from top of the Elysian.

name: fra, 09-01-2009 14:08

...waiting for a picture of the new fantastic skyline of cork ;)
Guarisci in fretta eh? Spero niente di grave. Ciao, Fra

name: ewczak, 09-01-2009 18:24

tłoczno tu :)

name: Martin, 09-01-2009 22:15


name: EgoPimp, 10-01-2009 1:34

Very clever, really like it. Great perspective.

name: Kourosh, 10-01-2009 3:13

Clever shot! shows a lot of things. Seems like all the lots are designed for mini cars only. And the arrow on the ramp is leading to the cars to the wall!

name: beanow, 10-01-2009 17:14

A ja bardzo lubię takie uładzone, eleganckie kadry.

name: Krzeczrzeszowszczyzna, 11-01-2009 17:39

Must be the crisis!

name: adam, 13-01-2009 20:49

g r a f i k a


name: Bronek, 14-01-2009 10:57

W pytę!

name: Stefek, 14-01-2009 20:05

Chyba w płytę!

name: k.s.i.a., 16-01-2009 17:13


name: Bronek, 19-01-2009 6:57

Wielce szanowny Stefku!
Na pewno nie.

name: roadpix, 22-01-2009 22:24

świetny kadr ;]

name: patrick dinneen, 05-02-2013 17:18

Great, great photo. The colours of the car match perfectly. How did you get to the top of the building?

name: jedrzej, 05-02-2013 17:49

It's taken from the top of the Elysian tower :)


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