photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

a portrait of the bunch of cows, County Cork


a portrait of the bunch of cows, County Cork

...or "what are you looking at"? the encounter took place during cycling somewhere around Dripsey.

name: Baloonik, 08-12-2008 23:26

Come on, they're not cycling.

name: Crasoola, 09-12-2008 7:58

I cannot say for my cow friends, but I'm not cycling.

name: beanow, 09-12-2008 13:24

piękne te Twoje modelki i takie dostojne...:)))

name: Maggie Moo, 09-12-2008 15:20

Girls, do you remember this very handsome guy somewhere around Dripsey? Glad we left the bicycles outside the field, we are far sexier chewing.

name: Crasoola, 10-12-2008 9:31

Of course I remember this 2 metres tall, extremaly handsome photographer. He was so gentle doing this photo - he only kicked me once when I tried to hide behind the tree on the horizon.

name: KatieC, 10-12-2008 17:17

at the risk of sounding as crass as someone asking a great chef, which pots and pans he uses .................. what camera do you use?????

name: Magie Moo, 10-12-2008 18:24

KatieC! I saw it! It was small and black and had a small glass thing at the front and it was black. Right, Crasoola?

name: jedrzej, 10-12-2008 20:32

KatieC - it's exactly like Magie Moo said - black, with some zoomy glass thing on the front along with a 'nikon d80' inscription. But - not being too original - i don't think the type of camera matters really :)

name: Crasoola, 11-12-2008 8:06

Of course Magie. I also saw part of the inscription - "kon d80". And than he kicked me.


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