photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

a very fit painter, San Marino


a very fit painter, San Marino

an obviously sporty artist, bored as tourists were showing no understanding for his creations.

name: gracjan, 07-05-2008 13:07

who said that you can't combine art and sport?? hmm?

name: chomil, 07-05-2008 14:37

yea, he's quite an extravagant artist.

name: Baloonik, 08-05-2008 9:49

gracjan, I said that.

name: gracjan, 08-05-2008 23:35

Baloonik ,I'm not counting you.We all know that you said that.

name: Baloonik, 09-05-2008 15:32

chomil, did you know that I said "you can't combine art and sport"? Gracjan claims that we all know it and since "we all" includes you, I'd like to check if Gracjan is telling the truth.

name: gobo, 11-05-2008 16:08

baloonik,ask yourself a sipmle question:am i a funny guy?if You have problem answering,i'm here to help You)))

name: Baloonik, 12-05-2008 10:58

gobo, we all know I am a funny guy. Right, chomil?

name: gobo, 12-05-2008 19:46

chomil-speak up brother!)we all know you able to do this.

name: chomil, 13-05-2008 10:01

Baloonik, you can combine art and sport. What is the outcome of this combination is another question.
gracjan, take a good look at the picture above and ask yourself a different question: czy ja chcialbym skonczyc jak ten koles?

name: gracjan, 15-05-2008 22:47

Chomil, did you mean being fit or being a painter? Or both? Or maybe you were thinking about his outfit...If that's the question, my answer is : Nie , nie chcialbym lazic w dresie po San Marino.

name: chomil, 16-05-2008 14:42

Does he look fit, Gracjan? I don't think you should judge people by the clothes they wear, anyway.

name: jedrzej, 20-05-2008 0:43

you can judgde them by their paintigs though and this guy here is obviously very strong with his brush!

name: gobo, 26-05-2008 19:17

Come on!I hope i didn't check it yourself)


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