photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

veni vidi

my name is jedrzej niezgoda, i am a polish architect and photographer living in Cork.

i came to Ireland in april 2005. i saw this greenish island and i was stunned from the beginning. this fascination hasn't left me since.

the intention of this site is to show Ireland as perceived by a foreigner, a stranger who came to live here. i started with adding a new photo every day, but this proved to be a really time consuming idea - so it's a photo every few days now.

call it emotional landscapes.


i am a freelance photographer and architect. my architectural work can be found here:, and my photographic portfolio is here:

i specialize in architectural photography, events, arts, equestrian photography and landscapes.

you may contact me, or call me at +353 87 741 4779.

high quality, archival paper prints of all photographs featured on this website are available upon request.