photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

abstract, West Cork


abstract, West Cork

another of the photos taken from a plane.

name: Martin, 22-11-2008 7:46

Good title,but what are the strange brown bands? Could they be trails where the farmer has sprayed slurry?

name: beanow, 22-11-2008 9:09

jak malowane olejami... przepiękne...

name: supershadow, 22-11-2008 19:49

HI jedrzej,
I like your site. the grandad believes i am a nut case; but without me he would not have won the blog award last year. he knows he needs the great supershadow to make him what he is today... this is why he is angry because he knows i have the force and the jedi will control ireland (and poland) via the eu very soon. very soon the police force in poland will no longer be using batons-they will have light sabres

name: jedrzej, 23-11-2008 2:13

Martin - I haven't thought about it before, but you must be right. Quite charming sense of asymetrical slurry composition demonstrated by this particular farmer, i have to say.

name: ewczak, 23-11-2008 11:25

ło.. fajne :]

name: supershadow, 24-11-2008 10:47

It may also interest all of you, that I often eat what I find on the ground.

name: adam, 25-11-2008 11:44

lubie takie prace


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