photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland




the Dutch tall ship Astrid sunk after hitting the rocks near Kinsale three days ago. nobody died, nobody was hurt, thanks to efficiency of Irish rescue teams.
the ship presents a truly surreal sight. still with full rigging and sails, looking seaworthy, ready to sail.

name: MARTIN, 28-07-2013 7:31

Ghost ship. Hope they can pull her off the rocks and refloat her.

name: jedrzej, 28-07-2013 13:44

Supposedly, she is not even really damaged, not the hull and masts at least. They are actually thinking of salvaging her, but so far no plans of making here afloat again. I would definitely like to go there for the pull off operation and take a look. I guess they would have to be rather fast about it.

name: rdzak, 29-05-2014 23:47

To jest dobrze zdjęcie.


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