photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

at dusk, Bieszczady Mountains


at dusk, Bieszczady Mountains

welcome back - I spent last two weeks in Poland. the above photo has been taken after the evening storm, in my favourite polish mountains.

name: Krzeczrzeszowszczyzna, 17-09-2009 23:48

Looks like Bieszczady for me.

name: Martin, 18-09-2009 22:47

Good to see some of Poland.
More please.

name: jedrzej, 19-09-2009 13:21

Martin - strangely, I find it very difficult to photograph in Poland, just don't see things. So, don't have too much to show :)

name: Martin, 20-09-2009 8:13

Maybe like James Joyce you need exile to practice your art.
(Puts you in good company anyway)

name: majority of visitors supporting Martin's request, 21-09-2009 8:26

We want more photos from Poland.

name: Bieszczady, 22-09-2009 9:20

We are hills. When we will grow older, we might possibly be mountains, dear author.

name: Jeremy, 22-09-2009 9:26

I notice your drive towards danger. Wherever there is fire, or a smoke, or something even slightly resembling danger, there you are, right in the heart of it, taking pictures that the little people like me can enjoy through the safe barrier of the screen, connected to the PC, which through modem connects to the worldwide web called Internet, where at the other end you upload the detailed photo report of your life risking activities, not limited to going out with your camera into the eye of the wild storm, just like the one pictured here!

name: Philip, 22-09-2009 9:55

Jeremy, my dear friend, you're absolutely right. Jedrzej, courageous and two metres tall young man, is reaching the places, which a normal person - like me and you - are trying to avoid. However I'm delighted not with his courage, but his modesty. On the photos we can see the fire, heavy rains, storms, riots, huge mountains (like Bieszczady) but there is no Jędrek on it. He removes into the shadow under the old Chinese principle of "With bamboo You can't turn back the life."

name: Jeremy, 22-09-2009 16:51

After a while I realize I may actully be completely wrong. Jedrzej is not courageous. He is very courageous.


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