photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

Baltic Sea in the port of Cork


Baltic Sea in the port of Cork

This shot is from yesterday, from the port of Cork.

so, that ship is called 'Baltic Sea', but it's home port is Limassol which to my best knowledge is located in Cyprus; it's being watched (ship, not Cyprus) by an Asian crewman and, of course, was photographed by a Pole in Ireland.

name: mm, 16-04-2008 13:25

It`s perfect. :-) Again you use a msss as an element of a composition. And what is the most important, you see the colour, you feel it, and you use it as a hero of the picture.

name: daina, 16-04-2008 15:03

Wonderful how the shadow connects the opposite corners. The netting is the essential relief from harsh angles...

name: Martin, 17-04-2008 0:13

Baltic Blue is the exact name of mm's hero.

name: Smileks, 25-04-2008 8:21

cienista sieć, spojrzenie za siebie ... koniec pracy, można zacząć wesoły wieczór ;-)


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