photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

bicing down the stairs, Barcelona


bicing down the stairs, Barcelona

this charming young man was utilising the free city bike in his own way.

name: gobo, 29-06-2009 23:54

who will pay for that? we ,the tax payers....what a shame

name: Martin, 30-06-2009 0:15

Nice shot but ..... No shots of Poland. Was it that wet?

name: beanow, 30-06-2009 6:29

"radość o poranku" :)

name: mr.mro, 30-06-2009 13:48

No one with such a hat pays taxes and this is a real shame!

name: bawgaj, 30-06-2009 20:03

fajno jest ;D

name: Martin, 30-06-2009 21:47

Could I be wrong or is he wearing yellow Y fronts ?

name: jedrzej, 30-06-2009 22:06

that's it. la classe non é acqua, as per italian saying.

name: mr.mro, 01-07-2009 9:30


"la classe non é acqua"? ("no water in a classroom"). What are you talking about, you crazy polyglot?

name: Martin, 01-07-2009 11:17

Jeez mr mro I am so glad YOU asked. I was lost too, (But I am fairly sure that acqua is not water)

name: Martin, 01-07-2009 11:25

Or then again..... maybe it is, but it is certainly not underpants.

name: mr.mro, 01-07-2009 11:37

Martin, I'm not going to ask Google about the word "Acqua". I'll give Jedrek (known as "The Ultimate Polyglot") a chance to make his own explanation.

name: jedrzej, 01-07-2009 11:55

I see I have no choice but to give my dear commentators a short italian lesson. here we go, then: 'classe' means class, chic. 'é' stands for yellow, golden. 'acqua' means, of course, Y fronts. and 'non', as everybody should know, means yes.

name: mr.mro, 01-07-2009 12:06

Prove it.

name: Judge, 01-07-2009 12:39

Hereby I confirm we will be expecting Jedrzej to prove it before the sun sets on the 1st day of July of the year 2009.

name: Baloonik, 01-07-2009 12:41

I see we have this interesting discussion here, while what should really be the point here is "who is going to pay for that". I'm surprised to be the first one to come up with it and that it doesn't seem to bother anyone.

name: ewczak, 01-07-2009 14:48

Anyway, he seems to have excellent fun! :P

name: mr.mro, 01-07-2009 15:04

Lets forget about the unproductive discussion above. We should answer this basic question: who is going to pay for that? ("che sta andando a pagare per tale?")

name: jedrzej, 01-07-2009 15:42

But to pay for what?!
a) fancy hat
b) trendy bahama yellow Y-fronts
c) compensation to injured photographer.

name: Martin, 01-07-2009 22:26

What about the stripy socks. They cost too

name: mr.mro, 02-07-2009 7:52

d) stripy socks

name: Italian Language, 02-07-2009 16:33

Perché mi state facendo questo?(Why are you doing this to me?)

name: Baloonik, 03-07-2009 9:18

a) "1 Euro shop" at Avenida Maria - 1 EURO
b) "ZARA" at Corte des Ingles on Avenida El Popo - 2 EURO
c) fixing a photographer - 10 EURO per meter. Total 20 EURO
d) Dolce and Gabbana Milan - 33 EURO.
Total 56 EURO.
I see 10 active commentators here, that will 5.60 EURO each.

name: Martin, 05-07-2009 20:16

My cheque is in the post

name: jedrzej, 05-07-2009 22:21

good man yourself (as Corkonians say) Martin, now I wait for the remaining nine.

name: mr.mro, 06-07-2009 15:47

I'm not active comentator - I won't pay.

name: Corporate Employee, 07-07-2009 12:55

anyway everything belongs to corporate ,so please don't bother with sending the money to photographer. Yopu can send that to me straight away.

name: Baloonik, 09-07-2009 4:00

Dear Corporate Masonry!
Intending to send it right away directly to you, I've just written a check that was supposed to be saying EUR 5.60, but somehow I found I have put there EUR 5,600,000.00, all the money I received from my unknown father's cocoa plantation in Mogadishu. Since it was my last cheque, I can't re-write it, but god bless me, I will send the cheque as soon as you would be as kind as to send me the difference of EUR 5,599,994.40.
I strongly hope we will become friends and the blessed future will put the perfectly polished stones on the swampy path of your life.

name: Secret Freemason, 09-07-2009 14:48

Sounds fair.

name: City Council of Barcelona, 11-07-2009 21:55

If somebody is authorized to take this money it's us!


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