photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

Bogdan in Cork


Bogdan in Cork Bogdan in Cork

Bogdan the ship is no longer in Cork. It got patched up here and sailed on its way.

name: Roman, 07-03-2014 23:05


name: Joe McNamee, 10-04-2014 11:18

Hi Bogdan, you need to put a subscription button on your blog so people can follow and get email alerts every time there's a new post! :) I just stumbled across it when I should have had the head down and been working hard but got lost completely in your wonderful pictures and would love an alert every time there's a new one, keep up the good work, j

name: jedrzej, 15-04-2014 0:34

Hi Joe, thank you, much obliged! Bogdan happens to be the name of the portrayed ship :)
There is a way to do what you're saying, as my blog is armed with a RSS feed. Depending on the browser you use, it may be a small icon on the right of the address bar, where you click and subsribe and are thereafter notified about each new photo of mine. All the best!


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