photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

cctv, Saint Patrick's Hill, Cork


cctv, Saint Patrick's Hill, Cork

Cork City centre under surveillance - this photo is from last sunday.

name: Martin, 25-11-2008 22:18

I am a CCTV camera (and slightly out of focus as they always are)
Clever picture.

name: rusty, 25-11-2008 22:21

Permanent surveillance. Love it.

name: komentator znany, 25-11-2008 23:37

jest git

name: komentator komentatorowi wilkiem, 26-11-2008 0:20

wszystko widac, proste

name: alex, 26-11-2008 13:09

Great picture and message.

name: ovidiu, 26-11-2008 20:17

Excellent. Good picture.

name: Hikari, 27-11-2008 3:33

Big brother is watching us ! , with the excuse of terrorism one day we won´t be able to photograph on the streets!
Keep up the good work.

name: CCTV camera, 27-11-2008 6:53

Martin, I am a CCTV camera, you liar.

name: Martin, 27-11-2008 8:50

But of course Big Brother you are.

name: eyeswideopened@RAW-Shooter, 27-11-2008 20:37

wow, great use of dof!

name: beanow, 27-11-2008 20:47

Świetny punkt widzenia...:)


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