photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

close gate, Connemara


close gate, Connemara

this is actually a public road, close to the village of Ballinaboy. one, passing through the gate, just has to leave it closed behind him as instructed on the sign.

name: U, 07-07-2008 23:26

wstawiam na tapete lol

name: jedrzej, 07-07-2008 23:37

jak to lol?! :)

name: Upss, 08-07-2008 0:43

bo no bo

name: Mro, 08-07-2008 12:09

Jak mawiają Francuzi: "Sehr gut!".

name: Francuzi, 11-07-2008 15:06

Sehr gut!

name: Mro, 13-07-2008 7:19

O Francuzi, sehr gut, że jesteście!


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