photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

cloud cover, Cork


cloud cover, Cork

back to blogging after a short brake.

this photo might look like some not-so-skilful photoshop job, while in fact it's not edited, this is exactly how the sky over Cork looked today. all day. a sharp line between a strong cloud cover and clear skies. a line which didn't move for hours.

name: czad lover, 26-01-2011 11:39

ale czad!

name: beanow, 26-01-2011 22:09

"niebo pęknięte na pół..."

name: mr.mro, 27-01-2011 23:06

for me this photo looks just like a not so skilful photoshop job.

name: jedrzej, 27-01-2011 23:09

i knew, i knew that someone will notice that i removed that little sparrow on this church tower in the distance!

name: Martin, 01-02-2011 5:52

Cloud cover over Cork- just about to lift- a new day coming- a Corkman heading Fianna Fail- your optimism (with or without sparrows) in infectious.


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