photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

Cork City in the fog - Saint Patrick's Bridge


Cork City in the fog - Saint Patrick's Bridge

it gets rather foggy in our town at times - i really do like those moments.

name: fog expert, 20-07-2010 12:14

you should clean your lenses with dry cloth and wait when the fog will disappear. then we could see more on this photo.

name: martin, 21-07-2010 6:34

Lovely, what a graceful shape Patrick's Bridge is.

name: jedrzej, 21-07-2010 15:57

true, beautiful proportions, regardless of tide being in or out. very neglected, though (bridge, not tide) - old, destroyed streetlamps (some missing), a big gap in the railing (resulting from a car crash) which is there for over a year now and will stay for good, it seems.

name: Gardai, 25-07-2010 3:16

i can't see any gaps in this bridge. you should put an arrow on the photo pointing to it and report it.

name: jedrzej, 26-07-2010 13:49

on the other side of the bridge. and it's City Council's concern. anyway, I haven't done anything wrong, sir, and i have witnesses for that.

name: hoi, 28-07-2010 20:02

I love this. Nicely framed and love the simplicity.


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