photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

Cork postcard, 1


Cork postcard, 1

first of a series of Cork 'postcards'. this one was taken on september evening from Patrick's Hill, looking towards Shandon.
today morning looked completely different though, it was cold, windy and grey. there were patches of jellylike substance here and there, which at some stage of the night were probably made of snow. radio speaker reported in excited voice: "we are experiencing syberian conditions today. it was -2 degrees an hour ago, so you see how cold it was".

name: anna shaleva, 08-01-2008 7:33

liked the words "syberian conditionse" relatively to Cork weather :)))
if only that speaker will spend few days in real "syberian conditions" he will realise that Ireland is Sahara!
Never have been to Syberia actually, but now in Ekaterinburg (just Ural) is -17, so...

name: jedrzej, 09-01-2008 23:10

well, Sahara would be the oposite of Ireland too, wouldn't it? ;)

name: rusty, 10-01-2008 13:18

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