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crazy about sax, Cork


crazy about sax, Cork

Gary Baus playing on Paul Street.

name: Donal, 04-07-2008 19:10

Great shot of Gary, love the sunshine reflecting off the sax.

name: Mro, 07-07-2008 8:09

Stare, ale jare.

name: Aoife, 07-07-2008 10:37

Great composition - lovely play between light and shadow - Gary has a very cool 1940s vibe going on.

name: gary baus, 15-11-2008 7:52

donal, thanks for taking this picture.back in the early days i only busked in cork cause i absolutely had visa,no work permit,no the same time i got to meet some of the most exceptional musicians who worked(and when times were slow busked)on the streets of cork.every time i busked on paul st.i poured my heart and soul into the music but i still felt i was taking money from poor peopletohelpthepoor to[[[eeo[oeoep

name: gary baus, 15-11-2008 7:58

to help the poor. it humbled me, the way people that didn't have any money, gave me money.i owe everything to the people of cork.they kept me alive in a way i never thought's the testament of a very grateful citizen of u.s.a. to the people of cork.

name: jedrzej, 19-11-2008 19:33

Thanks for visiting and sharing that, Gary. Let me just mention that it wasn't Donal who took the photo, but another foreigner who owns a lot to the people of Cork.

name: (Gregory) Baus, 02-02-2009 4:05

Jedrzej, thanks for posting this pic of my little bro. It's excellent.


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