photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

crows and towers, Przemysl and Cork


crows and towers, Przemysl and Cork crows and towers, Przemysl and Cork

two churches and their towers: the cathedral in Przemysl on the first photo and St. Nicholas's Church in Cork on the second.
and two crows, polish and irish (most probably, although a possibility of one crow with fondness for long distance travels and near-church resting locations cannot be entirely dismissed).
photos were taken in december and january (accordingly), hence their general gloominess.

name: gracjan, 26-01-2010 10:26

:) fajowe

name: Martin, 26-01-2010 18:58

Clearly both are the Irish crow, you only have to look at his hunched shoulders in Przemysl, he is obviously missing the Irish mist.

name: mm, 27-01-2010 10:31

I am looking to a dictionary: gawron - rook, gawk, gaper

name: jedrzej, 27-01-2010 22:06

technically, yes, these are not crows. but I suppose in a common, daily language they would be called like that. could you tell us, Martin?

name: Martin, 28-01-2010 8:49

Ahem. Anything of the genus Corvus is a crow from the little blackbird to the mighty raven therefore these lads certainly qualify as crows but what type I do not know.

name: jedrzej, 28-01-2010 11:49

ha. thanks, Martin. these guys would be, most probably, rooks - while still being crows. sorted!

name: Rook, 28-01-2010 14:31

I'm not a rook.

name: Rook, 29-01-2010 10:10

I'm eagle.

name: Joan, 07-06-2018 23:43

Incredible tower, I feel power.


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