photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

crows diagonal, Cork


crows diagonal, Cork

name: mr.mro, 22-12-2008 7:37

Photo for the new Ian Rankin's book.(

name: mr.mro, 22-12-2008 7:38

For the cover, of course:)

name: Ian Rankin, 22-12-2008 10:30

I usually use more birds and more drama on my covers. Could you possibly add about 1250 of them, and kinda, spill some blood around and you know, add some drama to it?

name: Cover photo, 22-12-2008 10:51

Let me think of your suggestion Ian. Well - the answer is "No".

name: beanow, 22-12-2008 13:24

Świetna "ptasia" kompozycja.
Wesołych Świąt Jędrzeju! :)

name: KatieC, 22-12-2008 14:30

3 + 5 = ? is this an iq test? lets see if i pass!
well, the crow in front is headless, if thats not drama, don't know what is.
Wesołych Świąt

name: jedrzej, 22-12-2008 22:07

Wesolych, wesolych!

@katie: he is headless, but he is still online.

name: Dara O'Briain, 23-12-2008 12:21

If that wasn't the worst "online" joke ever, I must be going offline.

name: EgoPimp, 27-12-2008 10:24

Very nice, the extreme angles of the lines are well placed. The birds all facing same way, excellent too.


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