photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

Culture Night, Cork


Culture Night, Cork

taken in front of Cork City Council.

name: Martin, 07-11-2008 3:51

All the attributes of a typical jedrzej picture; unposed sitter,contrast between the two characters, a person seen through window and the title reversed on the glass.
You are begining to have a recognisable style sir.

name: znawca, 07-11-2008 17:59

Bardzo interesujacy Kantrybas!

name: beanow, 07-11-2008 22:43

Zaraz aresztują ten interesujący Kantrybas...:)

name: jedrzej, 09-11-2008 23:45

Martin, having a style - that's probably the best thing a photographer could hear. Thank you.

name: Baloonik, 11-11-2008 7:45

I'd say: having a style and two meters is even better thing a photographer could hear. Thank me.

name: luna, 13-11-2008 22:55

Luuubię double bass-y:)


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