photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

danger! Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry


danger! Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry

this photo is dedicated to Philip and Jeremy, who were discussing the meaning of courage in photography here.
as you can see, there is no danger - even so evident, so orange, spray-painted on the grass as this one - that would stop a committed photographer from taking a picture.

name: Philip, 17-10-2009 22:54

Oh my god, he did this again! No danger, are you joking? This extremely talented and tall photographer was not afraid to stand eye to eye with the grass. And now when I look at this picture I cannot be sure that Jedrzej is still alive.

name: Allergy sufferers voice, 18-10-2009 17:04

Dear Philip, I would like to enlighten you and turn your eyes and mind from our photographer to the people who have to face deadly challenges just being near the grass, not talking about standng eye to eye with the grass (anyway it's impossible because probably they are swollen as hell already). So I'm pretty sure that being so generous person (at least with opinions about our photographer, you will become our warm supporter and donate 50% of your monthly wage to our organization.
and I can assure Jedrzej is alive , unless he is facing new danger like hangover for example :)

name: Jeremy, 19-10-2009 13:42

You are perfectly right, Philip. It took me 2 long days to get my breath back after I saw the picture and got completely numb of the emotions. The realization of the fact that any stronger blow of wind can lift our courageous, 130 kg and 2m tall photographer like a feather and throw him down the cliffs. The skillful mix of photgraphy talent and the overhuman control of the fear. It is so amazing it makes me feel like a little, half-a-tonne stone. Bravo!

name: Philip, 20-10-2009 8:45

@ Allergy suffers voice
With all the respect, but I cannot belive only your words that Jedrzej is still alive after the contact with grass - this cruel and deadly enemy of every human being. Day by day I'm waiting of a little sign from him, little word or anything else. And there is nothing. Completly silence. I'm more and more afraid.

@ Jeremy
Let me add something to Your excellent and wise text. You mentioned only one danger (except of course grass) - and it was blowing wind. But let's not forget about extremaly dangerous the bees and the other flying creatures, about the sun, clouds and the rain or even uncomfortable shoes. Danger is ewerywhere where Jedrzej is.


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