photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

dead end, Edinburgh


dead end, Edinburgh

name: Mro, 14-03-2008 10:54

Lovely place:)

name: Daina, 14-03-2008 16:03

Have been looking at your photos for a while - just wanted to say how much I like them. This one especially for its mood and subject.

name: rusty, 14-03-2008 16:41

This is freakin' great stuff. Hard to believe this place is real. Looks like a shot from Dark City. Or PS CS3 vanishing point job... I like it.

name: alkos, 16-03-2008 10:29

wooo... co za horror ;-)

name: dieter, 19-03-2008 10:56

nice spooky atmosphere...maybe you can even try to make the white door a bit more lighter..

name: jarek, 04-04-2008 13:29

Been there! Took this one metres away:
I guess I've got one of this place as well - with a dayglo pink poster on the wall.


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