photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

elettricita, Siena


elettricita, Siena

name: Martin, 11-05-2008 2:50

I love the yellow, you must have been hard pressed to find a contempory Madonna in Siena.

name: jedrzej, 13-05-2008 21:56

there are quite a few of them, actually.

name: Doey, 19-10-2010 13:56

Check out the Sea horse with the raised fists on the left!

name: jedrzej, 19-10-2010 17:22

wow, where do you see that? :)

name: Doey, 29-04-2011 14:05

6months later! the Sea horse = Fists are the short angled pipes left of the window, arms are their shadows..face/nose is the socket above the two pipes and the crack in the wall is the body!!

name: Doey, 29-04-2011 14:09

fists/ bent elbows!! like an old fashioned prize-fighter sea horse

name: jedrzej, 29-04-2011 17:51

That's amazing - I was waiting for this answer for so long :)
I finally see the sea horse, I congratulate you imagination - especially with the fists.


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