photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

flight surfing


flight surfing flight surfing

another storm was mounting last Saturday and this lone kite surfer was making the best of it by the Garrylucas beach in Garretstown. it is difficult to judge, but I think he was easily reaching the heights of 10 metres above the water. had I somehow happened to be in his place and lifted like that, I would undoubtedly soil my wetsuit. him instead, he was just flying there composedly over the ocean.

name: Martin, 24-02-2014 22:03

Seascapes are becoming more common lately I notice.. Time for a new series? Great shots- and they are quite mad obviously.

name: jedrzej, 25-02-2014 15:27

It's simply difficult not to be drawn towards the ocean this winter, what with a storm of the century every week now.

name: mr.mro, 03-03-2014 8:30

Nice selfie, Jędrzej!


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