photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

flock of seagulls, South Mall, Cork


flock of seagulls, South Mall, Cork

birds again, looking up the South channel of Lee - towards St Finbar's Cathedral - from the recently constructed boardwalk.

name: beanow, 12-02-2009 6:59

pięknie, czysto, elegancko

name: mr.mro, 12-02-2009 8:33

Po przelocie tego ptactwa będzie mniej czysto.

name: Henry, the weird scientist, 13-02-2009 0:06

It's a great moment to remind that each seagull has a well-defined position and momentum, but is guided by a wave function derived from Schrödinger's equation. We should not forget, though, that this theory was initially rejected because it generated non-local effects when applied to systems involving more than one seagull. But you can never be sure with the seagulls.

name: Puchacz, 13-02-2009 8:25


name: cuántica, 13-02-2009 9:12

With all respect Henry but have you heard about uncertainty principle states and the fact that the values of certain pairs of conjugate variables (position and momentum or energy and time ) cannot both exist with arbitrary precision so it means that you cant defind 'em both for each seagull ;)) The only thing which you can do is let 'em fly for Jedrzej so he could take those lovely photos.

name: Puchacz, 13-02-2009 9:50


name: KatieC, 13-02-2009 16:17

I feel that I need to hear the seagulls' opinions on the matter.

name: The seagull whose shadow is right to the upper row, 13-02-2009 16:49

KatieC, I'm not a cat. I have no opinion on Schrödinger's equation. As to the shot - it was indeed taken by Jedrzej on one sunny day. Why can't you all just enjoy this ethernal beauty of Corkian "cloudscape"?
cuántica, we seldom fly for Jedrzej and we can do much more than just fly. I intend to prove it by hovering, diving and messing up your hair on the coming occasion. You've been warned.

name: cuántica, 13-02-2009 17:37

The seagull messing up my hair that is very tempting ...feel free you probably do :]

name: Puchacz, 13-02-2009 20:42



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