photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

flood in Cork


flood in Cork flood in Cork flood in Cork flood in Cork

a few photos of flooding which occurred in Cork last Friday.
many parts of the city still remain without running water, so small but regular processions towards our shower are taking place from affected areas(since our taps remain to be fully operational).

name: mr mro, 26-11-2009 8:22

Another disaster and of course another photos. Thanks God we've got Jedrek - this fearless young, two metres tall artist.

name: beanow, 26-11-2009 14:56

świetny reportaż o pięknej(kolorystycznie), podstępnej i "cichej" powodzi...:)

name: Martin, 26-11-2009 15:17

I do hope you didn't organise these floods just so you could combine "Cork Walls" with "Reflections"

name: mr mro, 27-11-2009 14:43

"Rain only make it naicer"?

name: bawgaj, 30-11-2009 19:50


name: hoi, 30-11-2009 20:40

It sucks that this is happening but it makes for good photos! Nice documenting.

name: mr mro, 01-12-2009 8:15

Nice only make it naicer.

name: Sioux, 07-12-2009 3:08

Your pics are just beautiful!
Love your 'house of colour' its all been washed away...

oh & the kitty prints.

Thanks for sharing ;)

name: jedrzej, 08-12-2009 12:58

thank you!

name: Theof, 15-12-2009 3:20

Great series! I've never seen pictures of Ireland flooded before. So very, very interesting!


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