photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

foggy night, St. Patrick's Bridge, Cork


foggy night, St. Patrick's Bridge, Cork

name: Donal, 21-10-2008 23:33

Very atmospheric. I like. This was taken at Christmas wasn't it? Those lights are hardly on already!

name: jedrzej, 22-10-2008 0:20

You're right Donal, it's Christmas, but 2006.

name: gracjan, 22-10-2008 0:35

cool street lamp,crooked, like to make more space for pedestrians

name: Baloonik, 22-10-2008 10:40

I don't like this photo. Too foggy.
And the crooked lamp post is dangerous for pedestrains, especially those sitting underneath.

name: daina, 22-10-2008 15:18

Lovely and lovely fog - I can understand that for someone who is already foggy it would be a bit too much.

name: Krzeczrzeszowszczyzna, 22-10-2008 19:41

Crooked lamp may present a serious risk. Should any pedestrians becames injured, the fog will not help any bit at all!

name: mee, 25-10-2008 20:10

I remember that was a session on plunkett...

name: Eoin Purcell, 30-10-2008 22:04

Love it! It's great!


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