photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

Garretstown by night


Garretstown by night

as it looked two nights ago. all the light in this picture kindly provided by the moon.

name: john, 31-08-2012 21:29

very inspiring photography by jezdrej. thanks man. hope to catch up with you sometime in the near future

name: jo_j, 31-08-2012 21:31

A to nie jest czasem to zdjęcie z Marsa?

name: Martin, 01-09-2012 16:54

Another wonderful sinuous line from the Immaculate Polish Eye. Another series- "sinuous curves" building up?

name: mr mro, 03-09-2012 8:30

With the immortal words of Louis ("Dont call me Neil") Armstrong:
"Moon river, wider than a mile / I'm crossing you in style". Jędrzej, You're definitaly crossing it in style.

name: jedrzej, 03-09-2012 13:31

Thank you all so much!

Martin, I wouldn't say so, I don't think is distinctive enough to become a series.

jo_j - bardzo chcialbym to przeprowadzic! Poleciec na marsa, cyknac pare zdjec a potem wmawiac wszystkim ze to Garretstown.

name: Martin, 08-09-2012 10:16

Congratulations sir, I see you have been shortlisted for the Irish Photography Blog. Bravo !

name: rdzak, 15-09-2012 13:52

Fajoskie i w kinda sepii, rzadkość :)

name: jedrzej, 27-09-2012 17:08

Albowiem ta sepia miala tam miejsce tego wieczoru!


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