photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

gelateria, Pienza


gelateria, Pienza

well, it wasn't exactly the weather one would wish to encounter on his time off in Italy. some of the next-to-come photos will prove it even better.

name: Martin, 24-04-2008 9:40

Gelateria is an ice cream shop right? Ah Well, as you might say yourself, rain only makes it nicer.

name: jedrzej, 24-04-2008 15:39

touche :) i didn't think so while being there, i must admit.

name: gobo, 24-04-2008 20:29

I certtainly like your new yellow car

name: jedrzej, 25-04-2008 18:42

Gobo! wszelki duch!

name: Baloonik, 27-04-2008 1:10

I certtainly like your new "Gobo! wszelki duch!".

name: sebostek, 26-05-2008 20:00

126p to był samochód ;)

name: jedrzej, 26-05-2008 21:34

tylko ten raczej bez "p" :)


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