photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

girl in the window, Siena


girl in the window, Siena

name:, 15-05-2008 0:09

Very subtile - the silence is everywhere..

name: daina, 15-05-2008 0:56

Lovely photo, but was curious if this is how artists “frame” and exhibit their art in Siena? Your photo of the horse and Madonna and now this woman – all framed within a window of a house make me wonder about the origin of it all.

name: mm, 15-05-2008 10:13

This is your fifth or so "misterious windows" in this blog. Edinburgh and other.
It is unbelivable that you are finding it! Very clear, personal photo set. Keep your looking above and in.

name: Martin, 15-05-2008 22:07

I don't know MM.
We may be seeing the birth of a narrative photographer.

name: mm, 15-05-2008 22:42

don't be afraid, Martin, I think, that composition he has on the first position.
By, the way, I l o v e your remarks :-)


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