photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

going up (or down)


going up (or down)

name: baloonik, 08-04-2008 22:04

That's both funny and philosophical, not sure whether you noticed - so much ambiguity in the subject of this picture.
This guy is going up. Or down.

name: Martin, 08-04-2008 22:52

This is an intriguing shot. Is the reflected image of Mc Curtin St. or Coburg St.? I went to school just around the corner 50 years ago but it has all changed so much now I can't decide.
Falveys however is exactly the same.

name: Krzeczrzeszowszczyzna, 08-04-2008 23:02

i like the cow

name: jedrzej, 08-04-2008 23:39

Martin: it's not Mc Curtain Street for sure, it's the same street as in the 'not reflected' part - but according to the google map Devonshire Street is its name.
Krzecz: your private preferences are no-ones concern!

name: Martin, 09-04-2008 9:26

Yep, that's Coburg St. (Google just got it wrong). Thanks! They are great shots, I have become a daily visitor to your site, well done.

name: jedrzej, 09-04-2008 22:12

Thank you Martin, it's very important for me.
By the way - while I was looking for the street names I found that Mc Curtain Street was called King Street back in a day and then I came across this postcard.

name: ewczak, 23-04-2008 0:07

xero ;)

name: MIKOLAJ, 03-05-2008 11:17

great shots! How long did you wait for him??

name: jedrzej, 03-05-2008 16:53

no longer than one cappuccino :)

name: Latchiko, 27-05-2008 11:41

I really like this image. Very clever.


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