photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

haircut, Assisi


haircut, Assisi

name: Baloonik, 27-04-2008 1:08

I'd like to place an official complaint. The only reason I visit this website is to see some - as the author (of questionable origins) calls them - stills from Ireland. I see no Ireland in this otherwise really engaing photo - therefore I place an open complaint to which I expect an answer and - before this happens - no further photos of such, absolutely no Irish, context.

name: daina, 27-04-2008 3:19

Why do you get these dissatisfied complaining, bitching lost souls commenting on your blog? Perhaps they think they sound clever? Perhaps it is their way of expressing appreciation? What did you do to attract such tongue tied critters? I'm not one to blame the victim (far from it) but what brings them here? Is it a Polish thing? or an Irish thing? Anyway as always I like your photos... : )

name: Krzeczrzeszowszczyzna, 27-04-2008 13:58

Dear Baloonik,

Thank you for contacting us at

My name is Krzeczrzeszowszczyzna and I am personally responsible for technical aspects of this Website.

We are sorry to learn you have encountered the problem while visiting our Website. Plesae stay asured I have passed all details of this issue to the relevant department. This kind of feedback will certainly help us to improve the Website what would result in increased Visitors Satisfaction.

Here, on, we aim to please our Visitors and we are sorry we failed to meet your requirements. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconveniences you have experienced. We do hope you will give us another chance to prove quality of our services in a future.

Also I would like to express my concern regarding the fact that we haven't met since 2005. We kindly recommend that you contact our Customer Service personally so we can investigate this issue further. Address available upon request.

Should you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

name: Martin, 27-04-2008 17:36

I think its time you broke it to Baloonik that in fact the present series of so called "Tuscan" photos were in fact shot in Ireland. The presence of rain was the first clue, the second is that if you look carefully at the picture in the magazine held by the woman in the hairdressers it is plain that it is a shot of Bertie Ahern with his current girl friend.

name: jedrzej, 27-04-2008 18:31

you leave me with no other choice than to love you all :)

name: mm, 28-04-2008 22:39

Baloniku Kochany, pisz swoje jakżesz dowcipne i omawiane w wielu domach uwagi po polsku po prostu. Oprzyj się pokusie epatowania nas swą wyszukaną angielszczyzną, której Ci skądinąd zazdrościmy i pisz do NAS, do nas! Do kumajacych czaczę, czujących blusa,tudzież zatrybiających a unikniesz losu Janusza Głowackiego, piszącego kiedyś felietony w Kulturze.
Martin, I think, Jedrzej made this photo in Poland -look at cocmetics, you can buy them at every polish hairdresser!


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