photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

haircut, Edinburgh


haircut, Edinburgh

there is something strange, sad even, in getting haircut of this kind done by an expensive hairstylist. a good sign of times, i suppose.
i was on a horseriding trek in Garretstown and Killbrittain area today - some horses must have been watching Cheltenham races on the telly and were trying to match.
the first canter along the beach was in a slight drizzle, but then the skies cleared up and sun appeared. all horses - wet from rain and seawater, warmed up by sun rays and canter - started to steam like they were literally on fire;
an unforgettable view.

name: Morgiana, 17-03-2008 0:38

Wyjątkowe zdjęcie, szczególnie odbicie autora w szybie;), odważna fryzura czy próba odmłodnienia?;).

name: Erik, 20-03-2008 16:23

I like those many levels in that photo!

name: chocolateamer, 02-10-2008 10:03

it is very sad, the trend in hairstyles these days! and sadder, how the salons seems to want to blindly follow the trend. i was looking for a place to get my haircut in Edinburgh, thus browsing through their advertised work & reviews (and being dissapointed), when i stumbled upon your website. the pictures are haunting. makes me want to visit Ireland :)

name: jedrzej, 02-10-2008 16:05

you can't blame salons for fulfilling their clients' needs :)
thank you for your kind words.


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