photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

hands, Girona


hands, Girona

thanks to my friend who is coding this site i am now able to post images which would show up in the future. so, right in this moment as the above photo appears on venividi, i am - if everything goes according to plan - enjoying whatever delights Ryanair flight attendants prepared for me on my flight from Dublin to Glasgow.
however, i'll post the next photo after i'm back from Highlands, in about a week time.

name: beanow, 12-03-2009 21:29

We właściwym momencie...:)

name: artfish, 13-03-2009 10:59

nice view!

name: Martin, 13-03-2009 12:20

Sinister shot for some reason. The prisoner has just managed to get his hands free.

name: His Friend, 17-03-2009 23:04

I actually did the same recently!

name: Jo_j, 18-03-2009 17:36

cute hands of mine.

name: Zbiornisław Thirtyński, 20-03-2009 1:18

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a prisoner to escape through this gap. And easier than for a elephant trying to do so.

name: alkos, 15-04-2009 0:17



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