photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

handshake, Hally's Bar, Cork


handshake, Hally's Bar, Cork

secret Freemason handshake?

name: gracjan, 04-07-2008 0:09

rather , secret Paddy O'Callaghan and Seamus O'Carroll handshake :)
Anyway brilliant photo. like a frame from animation movie.

name: Donncha, 04-07-2008 15:13

Nah, the thumb's in the wrong place.. :)

name: Seamus O'Carroll, 06-07-2008 0:35

Wouldn't do it in public and let myself photograhed if it was secret, don't you reckon? By the way, Donncha, the thumb is exactly where I had it.

name: Paddy O'Callaghan, 07-07-2008 8:07

I agree with Seamus - my dearest mason friend. The thumb is exactly where he had it.

name: mm, 07-07-2008 19:08

Paddy and Seamus: I don`t understand why you shake left hands??? It`s mason?

name: jedrzej, 07-07-2008 20:27

architects and masons according to Monty Python:
special atention to be paid at 3:24, and 5:20

name: alkos, 08-07-2008 10:51

grrrreat lowkey :-)

name: ewczak, 21-07-2008 13:47

teatralnie :)

name: rory, 15-08-2009 13:40

He ! thats my granddad in the red coat :P

name: D., 15-08-2009 13:41

The right gentleman is my grandfather :-D

name: D againg, 15-08-2009 13:43

Haha & Rory is my brother!!

name: jedrzej, 16-08-2009 23:28

are you serious? :) maybe then you could solve the mystery of the left-handed handshake? cheers!


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