photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

Hisae and Achim


Hisae and Achim

name: mr mro, 14-06-2011 9:44

Bardzo fajny pomysł. Wykonanie zresztą też.

name: Valentina , 14-06-2011 10:16

@mr mro: when you'll finally visit us you'll have the same pics!!!
We have started a tradition but this is the only picture so far:)

name: jedrzej, 14-06-2011 11:59

exactly. this is the first - and so far the only one - picture of our long going tradition of photographying our guests in front of our on-wall movie screen :)

name: mr mro, 15-06-2011 7:28

"Hisae, Achim and mr mro". I want this picture!

name: Martin, 15-06-2011 11:46

There is certainly an element of a police mug shot here- intentional I am sure and very effective, makes me want to have a movie screen of my own.

name: jedrzej, 15-06-2011 14:56

Guest Book Mug Shot - that's a title for our new tradition!

name: mm, 15-06-2011 21:24

"Hisae, Achim and mr mro" and ME. I want this picture!

name: Valentina , 16-06-2011 11:53

@mm, mr mro
To become part of our long going tradition and get this picture coming and visit us -again or for first time- is mandatory :)
Hurry up! 2 beautiful sofas, 1 inflatable mattress and a Mug Shot screen are waiting!

name: mr mro, 17-06-2011 8:38

If I count correctly, we have a problem. 2 sofas (i belive that they are beautiful), 1 matress and Hisae, Achim, MM, Jędrek, You and me. I need one separate bed, sofa or mattress, because of my spine. Jędrek, as far as I know him, needs two sofas at least. And dont forget the rest of us. We're lack places to sleep!

name: mm, 18-06-2011 19:02

@ Mr Mro, don't worry, we will not sleep!

name: mm, 19-06-2011 18:50

Just posing, Mr Mro, only posing.

name: mr mro, 21-06-2011 9:18

Good idea!

name: old visitor, 22-06-2011 9:17

yesm mr.mro, believe me. you don't need sofa or bed. around 7 AM after a session with Mr.Fox even a floor will be perfect for you :)

name: mr mro, 22-06-2011 14:02

Ok, we've got a plan and a sofas not to sleep. Please inform Hisae and Achim we come soon to take a photo.

name: mm, 22-06-2011 18:06

Valentina, what about to make this photo in Przemysl? I also have a beautiful sofa not to sleep. Mr Mro will be glad I am sure.

name: mr mro, 24-06-2011 7:07

MM is right. I'm glad.

name: Valentina , 24-06-2011 11:10

Of course we can! As long as we have a place where we can stand and a couple of sofas to look at, we can take this picture anywhere! Cork, Przemysl, Siracusa or Bogotá, any place will make it :)

name: mm, 27-06-2011 23:21

Syracusa better than Bogota.

name: gobo, 19-07-2011 16:52

Bogota-i strongly advise you against it.

name: jedrzej, 30-07-2011 13:18

gobo - details, details!

name: \'publicysta\', 31-07-2011 0:18

Pozdrawiam, jak zawsze:)
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