photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

in The Tribes, Cork


in The Tribes, Cork

Francesca and Valentina incognito.

name: vale, 09-10-2008 21:47

why did you write the names? it was supposed to be incognito!

name: jedrzej, 09-10-2008 23:24

oops! :)

name: Martin, 09-10-2008 23:33

And what did she/they/you think of "A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian?"
I enjoyed it

name: beanow, 12-10-2008 16:12

prawie na wszystkich blogach inności - u Ciebie także bardzo intrygująco...

name: vale, 13-10-2008 17:26

(for martin): honestly i didn't enjoy the book so was nice sometimes when the writer was describing Ukraine but i've found it a bit boring and the figure of Valentina can a person with such lovely name be so bitchy? ;)
so now the book lies on my desk and i'm not able to finish it. please could you tell me what happens at the end?

name: Martin, 14-10-2008 5:45

I think Jedrzej may notice if we start to make his site a book forum!
Click on my name, send me your address and I will fill you in.
(Apologies Jedrzej)

name: jedrzej, 14-10-2008 9:11

but why, nothing wrong with a book forum :)

name: vale, 15-10-2008 13:57

hi martin, i didn't want to open a discussion about the book but just answering to your question...and i'm still waiting to know the end of it. ;)!

name: gracjan, 15-10-2008 19:11

Vale, they are all broken at the end. They were made in Soviet Union.That's why the title is Short History.

name: vale, 16-10-2008 13:57

thanks time i buy a book i'll read more carefully the title ;)

name: ewczak, 17-10-2008 9:51


name: Baloonik, 17-10-2008 10:14

I will allow myself to place a short comment /in fact showing off my in-depth knowledge of both "A short history..." and "Collin's Italian Dictionary"/ which, I hope, will gain me an access to your book forum:
A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian - merda.

name: Adam, 31-10-2008 10:37

przegladam Twoje pf.....

name: jedrzej, 31-10-2008 13:17



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