photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

Independence of the Seas, Cobh, 1


Independence of the Seas, Cobh, 1

this huge cruise ship visited Cobh around three weeks ago.

name: gracjan, 28-05-2008 9:49

wygladaja jak w akwarium. fajne

name: rusty, 28-05-2008 11:57

I noticed the title in feed reader subconsciously expecting to see the picture of that monstrosity in whole glory, with tiny ant-looking humans around. But noooo! Instead I got two people with the ship around... Very clever you!

name: jedrzej, 28-05-2008 12:37

hehe - tomorrow's shot should fulfil your subconscious expectations a bit better though :)

name: mm, 28-05-2008 17:51

but they are tiny ant-looking indeed :-) Great photo!


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