photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

Tidal parking

Parking tip: take note of double yellow lines and high tides.

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11 Jun 2017 - San Francisco

From a visit to United States earlier this year. Man, are those streets steep, almost like our St. Patrick's Hill.

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Albatross Albatross

Quite a sight for - as marine-traffic website defines people like me - marine enthusiasts. Those three ginormous cranes have been assembled here in Cork Harbour and stuck onto this incredible ship.

This heavy lift vessel is called Albatross, which word, apart from quite obviously depicting a bird, apparently has a second meaning of a heavy burden. How suitable. Quite like Irish Ferries calling their fastest vessel Jonathan Swift.

Those cranes are bound for Puerto Rico, which leaves me puzzled. Is it really cheaper, or more efficient, to assemble them here, load them onto this - surly quite expensive to rent - ship and navigate late winter storms all the way across atlantic? Wouldn't it be easier to haul them across on a normal ship and assemble them in the port of destination? I'd love someone with some real knowledge to explain this to me.

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22 Feb 2017 22 Feb 2017

A cloud study of sorts, single cloud in a landscape. Both taken on the Cork coast, first at Old Head of Kinsale, second somewhere close to Robert's Cove.

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Zalesie Gorne Zalesie Gorne

A Christmas walk around Zalesie Gorne village, close to my hometown of Przemysl. I have been reminded how vividly blue snow can be.

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The sky over my little street today.

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