photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

walk at dusk walk at dusk walk at dusk walk at dusk walk at dusk

Few images back from February. Taken on the walk to Bell's Field, one of my last walks with Quinta.

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Corwith Cramer

Brigantine 'Corwith Cramer', Port of Cork, a luminous summer sunrise. Who would have thought a main mast can double as a chimney?

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Cappagh Beach Cappagh Beach

We camped there some time in March - there are just over one million incredibly beautiful beaches on the west coast of Ireland and this is one of them. The bright light on the bottom of the second image - courtesy of the bonfire.

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We always knew this day will come, but it doesn't make it any easier.
Quinta is leaving us and going for her full training to become a guide dog. She will go on Tuesday, but I will be in Dublin for next few days so for me it's goodbye in just few hours. We're shuttered.

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An intrusive shot from my visit to Lisbon last year.

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my take at the supermoon from few weeks before. i thought it might be good to tilt the lens down instead of up to show how strong the moonlight was.

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triple portrait triple portrait

horses deserve portraits too! Robbie, Diamond and Sam of Hop Island in Cork pose expertly.

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the village of Ushguli, Georgian Caucasus.

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