photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

let's go to the park, for a swim


let's go to the park, for a swim

Fitzgerald Park in Cork during the flood, in November 2009.

Update: This picture won "weekly photo challenge" competition at cool photoblogs website in October 2011 - thanks!

name: andrey samolinov, 12-04-2011 20:22

This is wonderful - great bright colors and beautiful reflection

name: Martin, 15-04-2011 13:21

Lovely colours AND another shot of water- is this becoming a theme ?

name: Photography Workshops, 24-04-2011 20:17

Wonderful photography - great photo capturing rich Autumn colours. Where were you when you took the photo? Dry we hope!

name: beanow, 25-04-2011 12:27

Beautiful, impressionistic image.

name: Ryan Sexton, 23-05-2011 23:51

Great shot, I love the fall colors.

name: jo_j, 01-06-2011 19:58

cudne :)

name: Joanna, 07-06-2011 19:22

I'm also intrigued where were you standing? in water up to your waist? :)

name: jedrzej, 11-06-2011 21:30

something like up the ankles only :)

name: Simone, 09-10-2011 10:19

Congrats on coolphotoblog...AWESOME SHOT!

name: jedrzej, 09-10-2011 19:16

Oh, now i know - nice. Thank you!

name: Max, 10-10-2011 13:44

Amazing autumn shot!

name: Vapor, 11-10-2011 18:03

Wow! That is an awesome photo. Absolutely gorgeous colors. Way to capture that.

name: vaez, 16-07-2012 19:55



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