photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

looking for some royalty, Cork City


looking for some royalty, Cork City

another photo from Queen's visit to Cork.

name: mm, 01-06-2011 23:14


name: mr mro, 02-06-2011 8:46

One more benefit from the existance of the monarchy - a great photo! Congrats.

name: Valentina , 03-06-2011 8:49 don't know how that feels!
Standing on a pole cause you can't see I mean :P

name: mr mro, 03-06-2011 9:47

I know exactly how it feels! Not everyone is a two-meter tall photographer, like, for example author of this blog.

name: jedrzej, 03-06-2011 14:02

indeed, I do not know how it feels. anyway, I don't think it appropriate for a Pole to stand on a pole.

name: Martin, 04-06-2011 21:06

A new compition has been initiated in Cork , called pole standing , it gives a prize to the one who can stand on a pole (the metal type not the non-national type)
for the longest time.
These gentlemen are the finalists from the first heat, it just happened to occur during the Queen's visit.

name: mr mro, 06-06-2011 7:41

Ok, we've got the finalists, but who is the winner? Is he still standing on a pole?

name: Joanna, 07-06-2011 19:19

really cool capture! I wonder how long did they manage to stand like that.

name: Daire, 12-08-2011 11:37

Wow, that looks really surreal - thought it was photoshopped when I first looked at it. Nice blog by the way, just stumbled across it.

name: jedrzej, 12-08-2011 11:52

thank you!

name: Heidi, 12-09-2011 20:54

... this one made me look twice!


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