photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

lounge time, Sky Road, Connemara


lounge time, Sky Road, Connemara

name: mr.brown, 12-01-2009 20:07

great picture!

name: Baloonik, 14-01-2009 10:55

The author probably didn't notice, but there is somebody on the bottom right side of the picture. I didn't notice any lounge, though.

name: engelberth humperdink, 14-01-2009 19:23

Baloo, didn't you notice, that this kind of "lounge" we can find in Authrs pictures very often?

name: k.s.i.a., 16-01-2009 17:16

Kojarzy mi się z letnim lenistwem nad Sanem w Przemyślu, od strony Kmiecia

name: Stary Batiar, 16-01-2009 20:47

Ta bo kole mostu kolejowego to si inu wutke piło!

name: Baloonik, 19-01-2009 6:50

Dear engelberth humperdink, I hope you'll agree with me I can hardly be responsible for the author's lack of knowledge of the English lounguage.

name: engelberth humperdink,, 21-01-2009 10:07

Baloo, perhaps lounge in Lounguedocia could help...

name: Baloonik, 25-01-2009 17:49

Great idea, engelberth, it's just so incredibly loung journey.

name: engelberth humperdink, 29-01-2009 22:50

Baloo, let's celebrate it with a lounge drink!


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