photosketchbook of a Pole in Ireland

low clouds, Achill Island, Mayo


low clouds, Achill Island, Mayo

the little white cloud of mist in the middle of the photo is caused by waves breaking on the beach, just behind the inevitable sheep.

name: gracjan, 26-09-2008 9:46

Mother Nature, you surprised me again!! Creating a mist from breaking waves is a little bit too much for me....

name: beanow, 26-09-2008 18:34

No nie..., od dzisiaj jesteś dla mnie Jędrzej Wielki :)
Gracjan: a nie mówiłam...:)

name: jedrzej, 26-09-2008 18:36

Beanow - pasuje jak ulal, nie na darmo czlowiek ma te dwa metry :)

name: beanow, 27-09-2008 9:23

oj, Jędrzej, ja nie o metrach...:)

name: Bryan, 28-09-2008 22:37


name: JJ, 30-09-2008 15:27

Lovely lush green field, the mist from the breaking waves is so cool, beautiful capture


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